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Kate Twohig of Australia
Kate Twohig
Jonathan, the Blue Boy by Kate Twohig of Australia

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Felix, the Musketeer
13 1/2" tall.  He has separate, flexible fingers and bendable elbows.  His arms are sewn into his sleeves.  His legs have buton attachment and his feet end in points inside his boots.  His head is turned to one side and he has ears.  There a bottom gusset so he can sit.  His hair and beard are glued, dyed fleece.  His face is colored with Pencil, Pen and a small amount of paint.  His costume consists of a lined jacket with white collar and cuffs and eyelet opening, pnats with ribbon ties, felt hat and stretch fabric boots.

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Old King Neptune

Old King Neptune is almost 20" tall with separate, wired fingers, sewn in limbs, bottom gusset, and centre seamed, face colored with pencils.  His elbows and knees are sewn across for more movement.  His hair and beard is sewn-on wool roving.  His costume comprises a simple gown, shoulder cape, elastic waisted swimming boxers under it all, and felt flippers.  Shells have been glued into his hair to form a coronet and his gown is trimmed with sequins and beads.  
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Meet Miss Peck!  If you haven't seen this pattern, it comes with LOTS of clothing for Miss Peck.  This was one of the Crocodile Done Deals pattern club patterns.

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Molly of the Pumpkin Hair
Molly is an 18 1/2" cloth girl.  She has a center face seam with a pencil and pen drawn face.  Partly open hand has wired fingers.  Elbow & knees are flexible.  She has a bottom gusset for sitting.  Her clothes are removable:  Dress, Pinafore, Undershirt, Long Drawers and felt shoes.  Embroidery design included.
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