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Barbara Willis
Barbara Willis
by Barbara Willis
A wonderful pattern for a cotton cloth constructed 15" doll.  The pattern calls for leather for the shoes and lace for her hat.  Adorable!

including shipping in the USA
by Barbara Willis

This pattern makes a 16" doll.  This is a lovely pattern and will help you with face sculpting as there are step by step instructions.  The face uses a knit fabric and the body is woven.  Lots of opportunity for embellishment.  Shoes call for soft leather and the hat is made of wool.

including shipping in the USA

Baby Keepsakes
by Barbara Willis

This is a wonderful "no sew" project!  These wonderful keepsakes can be made in an afternoon and are sure to become heirlooms.  The pattern contains the patterns for both the gown and the romper.

These are small enough to go on a page in a scrapbook or they can be hung on the wall or a shadowbox.  They are about 8" tall when completed (including nameplate)

including shipping in the USA

Pincushion Diva's
By Barbara Willis

This fun project makes little dress form pincushions that are about 8" and 5" tall depending on your base.  The taller one needs a candlestick or bottle base and the smaller one will need a salt shaker.  Plenty of opportunities for ribbons, lace and embellishments!

Not that the pattern provides only the torso templates and the instructions for the skirts.

You will need to provide your own base as there are no instructions for that.

This is a very fun project that is very quick and needs minimal sewing

including shipping in the USA

By Barbara Willis

This pattern makes a beautiful 20" all cloth doll.
There are instructions for the costume and the shoes.

$11.00 with shipping in the US & Canada
Minnie Mannequin
by Barbara Willis

This pattern makes a 19" dress form.  You will need a wooden candlestick base disk and finial to complete the project.  An excellent way to use fabulous fringe!

including shipping in the USA
by Barbara Willis

This doll is 16".  She is a ground fairy and has some wonderful costuming touches you will have fun learning.

$9.00 with shipping in US & Canada
The Shore Maiden by Barbara Willis --
Approximately 22 inches from top of the head to the tip of her fin. She has advanced level soft sculpting techniques as well as all the basics involved in cloth doll making. She has a developed bust line, belly button and 2 lovely dimples on her back and of course a beautiful fully dimensional face. A simple wired hand and a lovely costume complete this fabulous sea creature.

 Price 13.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada  Add to Cart

Time Flies from Barbara Willis
Price $11.00 ppd in the U.S.  

Emily by Barbara Willis - wonderful and perfect for new doll makers and this is a great one to embellish for more experienced doll makers!
20" wall doll (rubber stamp for face is included in the ones I have left.)

$15.00ppd in the U.S.
This has been discontinued, just a few left!

Emily Rubber Face Stamp
$8.00 ppd without pattern

Sea Side Sadie is a 20" all cloth doll.
She is an intermediate level project with a more advanced wired hand, more advanced facial coloration, full leather sandal with sole, and a fun costume that is a real delight to make. Definitely a step up and a real fun project to get you on your way.
Skill Level: Intermediate
Price is $11.00 ppd in the U.S.

Field of Dreams
Rubber stamps for the faces. All the dolls (Seaside Sadie, Poppy and Field of Dreams) have the same head pattern and are offered at each level in terms of the facial features, shading and overall coloration from beginner to advanced. You stamp the facial features onto cloth - color in and then sew up the head and stuff. This is a great learning tool to get you off to a very successful start.
Price is $8.00 per stamp

Field of Dreams Add to Cart

Field of Dreams is a 20" cloth doll.
She is an advanced level project with a fully wired hand and all individual fingers, expressive facial coloration and full leather shoe construction. She will stand alone with her button jointed construction and has a darling outfit that includes a wool jacket, skirt and pantalettes. This is a challenging project that will be a real trophy when she's complete.
Skill Level: Advanced
Price is $11.00 ppd in the U.S.
Anny & Polly
Two 18" dolls
#WILLIS12 Add to Cart
Price 11.00 postpaid in the U.S.


20" Soft Sculptured Face in knit

9.00 ppd in the US  Add to Cart

Forest Santa

20" Seated Santa, Button Jointed Shoulders and Hips

11.00 PPD IN THE US   Add to Cart
Miss Fairie Picklin'

19" soft sculptured face on knit


9.00 PPD IN THE US   Add to Cart
Victori Annie

15" with Paper Mache' Head


11.00 PPD IN THE US  Add to Cart
Froggy Kisses-Princely Wishes
23" doll with a 5" frog.


8.50 PPD IN THE US   Add to Cart