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Judy Skeel

Flavia:  A Flat Mermaid Doll
By Judy Skeel

If you liked playing with paper dolls, you will love this flat fabric doll!
Flavia, an 18” flat mermaid with hand or machine embroidery stitching can be made jointed or as a solid art piece to hang from a ceiling or on a wall. Techniques include various styles for free motion embroidery, embellishment options for two different mermaids and facial details including drawing, highlighting, shading and coloring.
A 10” bonus Flavia paper doll pattern is included!

$10.00 including shipping in the US

Faerie & Lace Mini Case
By Judy Skeel

The Faerie and Lace Mini Case is a lovely little lined purse and can be worn as necklace-art as well.  There are 5 styles for finished shape and design.  Included in the pattern are instructions for a 3-dimensional needle sculpted faerie face, a beautiful flat face with two variations as well as the option of attaching a premade face . Face details include drawing, highlighting, shading and coloring for flat faces.

$10.00 including shipping in the US

Lady Grace
by Judy Skeel

Lady Grace is an elegant wall hanging doll with a multi-layered head wrap above and an embellished tassel below her billowing skirt.

This pattern focuses on creating graceful expressive hands including how to properly wire, stuff and shape hands for a realistic shape and natural pose as well as creating finger nails. Facial details include detailed needle sculpting steps as well as facial drawing, coloring, and the application of eye make-up along with highlights and shadows for a face with depth.

This 15 page pattern is full of digital drawings to guide dollmakers step by step through the creating process and to create the beaded brooch on her chest.

$11.00 w/shipping

Seated Angel
by Judy Skeel

The seated angel is a lovely doll and the pattern can be made in 2 sizes. Seated she can be 6” in height or 9” in height.
She is seated with her legs swung off to one side, though she could easily be posed in any seated position. Photographs show step by step facial details from drawing, sculpting and adding dimension through color, as well as body construction. Digital drawings help spell out steps for construction, her elegant beaded collar, additional face details and how to create her wings.

$11.00 including shipping

Judy Skeel's Winter Solstice Faerie
Wonderful, beautiful 17" cloth art doll.

  Price $13.00 ppd in the U.S. and Canada   Add to Cart
Judy Skeel's Gemini, a former online class now on CD for you -- CD holds the pattern as well (printable of course).  Price $26.50 ppd in the U.S. and Canada  Add to Cart

Judy Skeel presents.....Wobble Whimsie!
Create your own Wobble Whimsy Lady with a baggy body that can sit or lounge just about anywhere! This pattern includes details of needle sculpting facial features and adding facial color. The Wobble Whimsie has elegantly coiffured hair as well as beaded jewelry. Plan to create a colorful lady to bring a smile using your imagination and sense of adventure!!!
Price $9.00 postpaid in the U.S.
Judy Skeel presents.....Wishing Star Fairy...
This doll could adapt to any theme simply by the student’s fabric choices! Details taught in this pattern include button/tab joints, wire armature hands with fingers with fingernails as well as an option for a mitten hand , beaded jewelry, breasts, a tab head with step-by-step detailed facial features and needle sculpting to create a one of a kind doll with personality.  Price $11.00 ppd in the U.S.  Add to Cart
Judy Skeel Presents......Betsy Button!
Create a fashionable pin using a covered button doll face and a geometric body. Instructions include the face details completed with permanent markers and colored pencils. The pin is completed with hair, jewelry, a fancy head wrap, or what ever strikes your fancy!
Only $7.00 ppd in the U.S.
From Judy Skeel!!
The pattern is called Wally Mama's,
Includes 3 different versions for completing a modular wall
hanging doll. It includes step-by-step details for face "painting" on a
covered button as well as a pattern to create a fabric head. The pattern
includes computer drawings and details for beaded earrings and dangles as
well as instructions for creating eyelash yarn at home. Full of information!
Price is $8.60  Add to Cart

American Annie is just in time for 4th of July Weekend! (if you're VERY fast!)

A 15" doll with buttons and bead joints.  Designed by Judy Skeel

Price: $9.00 ppd in the U.S.  Add to Cart